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General Urology We specialize in treatment of the most commonly occurring urologic conditions.
Urology for MenDiagnosis and treatment of the male urology system including male infertility.
Urology for Women Treatment of female urologic conditions including urinary tract disorders.
Pelvic RestorationIssues impacting the complex pelvic support structures including sexual dysfunction.
Are you one of the more than 12 million U.S. men experiencing frequent or difficult urination due to BPH? At AUS we have specialists trained in the latest technologies to help improve these symptoms. Make an appointment today to discuss your symptoms and we’ll find a treatment that’s right for you. Read more about BPH treatment

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Arizona Urology Specialists is the premier provider of diagnostic services, medical treatment, and innovative surgical procedures for urological problems in the Phoenix metro area. With eight convenient locations, we offer a unique commitment to personalized care for both men and women. Whenever possible, our physicians utilize non-invasive or minimally invasive approaches to treatment. We are dedicated to being leaders in advanced cancer diagnosis and care.

Congratulations to Dr. Micheal Darson and Dr. Philip Koi for their expertise in treating BPH and recognition as a Rezūm Center of Excellence.

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